Salon de Fleur et Art


Had a business meeting at “Salon de Fleur et Art” in Hakata Riverain.

“Salon de Fleur et Art” is a salon with the concept of “producing sophisticated lifestyle”, where you can join various lessons & events like flower arrangement, fruits art etc.

We are now having a great opportunity there – will probably be able to announce it soon!

博多リバレインにあるライフスタイルサロン「Salon de Fleur et Art」様にてミーティングでした。大濠サロンと同じ井蛙コレクションズ様が運営されているサロンで、エレガンスと洗練が絶妙なバランスで表現されたラグジュアリーな空間です。



Camera: SONY Cyber-shot DSC-RX100

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  • L&STYLE meeting♪ | Ki Ri To Ru(切り取る)

    2013/03/26 at 6:25 PM

    […] Starting from the next seminar, it will be at “Salon de Fleur et Art” in Hakata Riverain and the theme of the seminar in May will be table & interior coordination and entertaining tips at home parties. […]

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